Los Angeles 2017

Glendale's Americana decked out for the holidays IMG 3623 Winter Wonderland at 70 degrees Card shark looking for customers
Tesla Aliens in the showroom Cristina checks out the amenities Annenberg Center for Photography - a Cuba exhibit Che Guevera's son Camilio
Fidel Castro's son, Alejandro Gallery Cafe - included VR experience Exploring a sculpture park in Beverly Hills IMG 3666
Yorai Kusama IMG 3660 Venice Identification On one of the Venice canals
Xmas on the Canal Stately swan Hollywood Flea Market in the window of the Last Book Store
The book tunnel. Lots of photo ops Sundown at the Huntley Hotel overlooking Santa Monica Pier Mural in Pasadena
A dive bar in Culver City That's Josh Workman behind the martini One of the Silverlake Stairways Sign in a barber shop
Mural on Sunset Blvd,  Silverlake Looking downtown from the Silverlake Stair walk